When I met Lucia in 2016 my body was in pain nearly head to toe. I had fallen victim to Lyme disease. My knees, back, hips and neck were stiff and barely moving. I had two frozen shoulders. I couldn’t drive and could barely walk. My muscles were spasming and my joints were swollen. Lucia was heaven sent! Lucia’s massage is one part physical two parts spiritual. I was afraid to be touched because everything hurt. But Lucia found a way to bring me both physical relief and internal wellness. I only wish I had the words to explain to you what she does, but it's much more than massage, though it is also massage at its best. Her hands-on treatment was an essential part of my journey back to wellness. I’m finally well again and still seeing Lucia for all those muscle aches from the normal things in life that I’m glad to be suffering again. Lucia is truly a wellness practitioner and I highly recommend her for both massage and for relief of symptoms of more complex diseases like Lyme.

Joan Shannon, Burlington

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lucia is an amazing healer. Before working with Lucia, I experienced chronic sciatica pain, as well as pain in my hips, knees, and back. I was almost always achy and I usually employed a heating pad or lidocaine patch to get through a work day. I tried to stay on top of it, regularly practicing yoga and martial arts - both low-impact, strength building forms of exercise. Stretching regularly and keeping my body strong did help, but I couldn’t get long lasting relief. And I had pretty much accepted this was my lot in life. Every now and then, I would treat myself to a massage for short-term relaxation and self-care. When I met Lucia, I sensed I was in good hands, but I had no idea how transformative her work would be! Her technique is strong and grounded, safe, sensitive, and gentle. I leave her studio feeling balanced, emotionally and physically, and truly restored. And the constant aches, shooting pains, and twinges are completely gone! I’ve never had such a long period of time pain free as I have since working with Lucia! I’m beyond grateful for her incredible care and skill, and for her sincere kindness.

Sara Kassel

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I recently received a massage from Lucia Voorhies and I was so very surprised at how different it was from the massages I have had in the past. While I still love the traditional Swedish massage I sometimes receive, Lucia’s massage felt different. While other massage feels like a treat to tired, sore muscles, or a great way to relax and treat yourself, Lucia’s massage felt more like health care for the body. It too was very relaxing, but Lucia spent time in areas that are not normally focused on. She does an incredible job of targeting the parts of the body that are in greatest need without ever mentioning those parts to her.

Lucia is one of the most kind, loving people I know and she pours all that love into her profession. It would be wonderful to receive these massages on a regular basis!

Ute Talley

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lucia is a treasure! Her presence and touch convey a rich facility in the healing arts and a deep caring for her clients. After a session my body and soul feel integrated, soothed, touched and healed!

Scott Koeze

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have experienced the hands of at least a dozen different massage therapists and there is something very special about Lucia. Is it her skills, her tools or her big heart? All of them. Recently, I had lower back pain and she has sent that on its way. I’m not always sure what it is she’s doing but I always leave with a feeling of deep peace. I would recommend her to anyone who has pain or (as I did in December) feels stressed and needs some balancing.

Anne Rendino

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With a warming presence and a healing touch, a session with Lucia leaves me energized and realigned. Her wholistic focus on balancing mind, body and spirit helps me to be at my best in the gym, at my desk and at home.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was referred to Lucia by a friend of mine. I am really particular when it comes to massage therapy so I took the chance. I am pleased to say the Lucia was one of the most professional and thoughtful therapists I have ever had. She LISTENS which is really important to me given that I have specific areas that need focus. While others may ask and then go about their routine, Lucia caters her routine to your needs and it’s really appreciated. She uses a variety of methods and they all culminate to an amazing final product! Thank you Lucia for all you do!

Dana Boomhower

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lucia is pure light from within to her clients! She is generous, intuitive and with a well of Knowledge about the body and healing. I have been seeing her every two weeks and I wish I could get more of her treatment on a weekly basis!

Annie Rosenthal